"4 souls who have found eachother with the same visions and minds that think alike. Hard, heavy, groovy and filled with energy, Soul Spine delivers hard rock with influences from the 70's, 80's, blues and southern rock in a modern package. Lyrics reflecting the mysteries of life with the soaring voice of Angelo Mayer backed up by a rythm section consisting of 3 skilled musicians with the capability of bringing you the fire of rock.

Easy rider

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Yeah, we know. We should update this place more often. There is lots of things happening right now.
20th of July we are playing at the annual cruising meet in Övertorneå. We've got some new merch and also a live video from the concert at Belsepub.

Check out the new merch and drop us an e-mail to soulspineinfo@gmail.com if you are interested in getting properly dressed for the summer.


  • Glenn säger:

    Mr. Mayer :)

    2014-05-21 | 16:29:37