"4 souls who have found eachother with the same visions and minds that think alike. Hard, heavy, groovy and filled with energy, Soul Spine delivers hard rock with influences from the 70's, 80's, blues and southern rock in a modern package. Lyrics reflecting the mysteries of life with the soaring voice of Angelo Mayer backed up by a rythm section consisting of 3 skilled musicians with the capability of bringing you the fire of rock.


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Born in the southern parts of Sweden, the road of no return from rock n roll came to me in the mid 80`s growing up listening to bands from the 60 - 70`s.
I moved to the city of Gothenburg where I was introduced to a lot of great musicians. In 2005 my passion for the voice started to take shape. 
From my point of view Soul Spine is the essence of rock n roll and I feel honored
to be a part of it. 
I guess Im going to be stuck on the road of no return from rock n roll forever
and Im fine with that! 
Angelo Mayer

Born and raised in the southern parts of Sweden, this crow flew north to the great city of Gothenburg to try and make the scene as a pure rock n roll drummer. With band like Savage Heart, Silverhorse and now the new hardrock sensation Soul Spine, he,  together with his brother in arms will conquer the world with classic hardrock with influences from all the great decades of rock n roll!
Peter Crow

Born and raised in the north with a huge passion for music. In my youth I never knew what I wanted to do, my mother bought me an acoustic guitar that just stod in the corner for ages before I picked it up. Suddenly I felt the school was taking too much time from the music. Somehow it feels like I've tried everything here in life and the music has never let me down. Combining the music with alot of esoteric studies gets me back to the roots of rock'n roll, and that's what Soul Spine is for me, a bigger perspective of love without this commercial bullshit you love feeding your egos with.
Inspiring people: Randy Rhoads, Aleister Crowley, John Coltrane among others. 
Andreas "Ante" Niemi

The interest of music (rock´n roll) started in 1995 when I was 10 years old. My older brother played some music that made me go apeshit in the apartment in the middle of the night. After that I finally picked up the guitar at the age of 13, but the classical problem with bass players that seems to disappear into nowhere made me switch to the bass when I encountered the first impressions of playing music.

Previously I´ve handled the bass in three serious groups, Black Pearl Spirit, Monophi and Tone Machine.
As a new member of Soul Spine my expectations are really high. A great mixture of four individuals with the skill to make music sound like a unity, create our own future and create great rock music.
Michael Rolin