"4 souls who have found eachother with the same visions and minds that think alike. Hard, heavy, groovy and filled with energy, Soul Spine delivers hard rock with influences from the 70's, 80's, blues and southern rock in a modern package. Lyrics reflecting the mysteries of life with the soaring voice of Angelo Mayer backed up by a rythm section consisting of 3 skilled musicians with the capability of bringing you the fire of rock.

Göteborg Rockfest


Hi all you Saints!
The head is empty and the body is aching after our first gig!
It was awesome to see so many people in the audience, thank you for showing your support and for the great crowd greeting us when we entered the stage.
Everybody was pretty calm, except Michael who threw up when he heard about the line outside that was about 40 meters long coming to see Soul Spine. Michaels face had a pleasant shade of green just as he entered the stage.
You guys out there totally rocked!! I can´t stop thinking about all the headbanging, all the shouts and all the fists in the air. It was really something out of this world. We were glad for the response we got from all of you regarding the songs. Almost everybody I talked to said that we have really strong melodies mixed with great musical skills. That´s what music is about. If you can´t write a song that was better than your previous, stop writing music and become a busdriver instead. If somebody doesn´t get your songs he´s probably retarded, and no, we´re not retarded, we´re just handicapped, that´s the reason we can deliver great songs.
But I have to admit I was nervous when I noticed our friend London Legrand in the crowd. Damn, he has a great knowledge off music and he has giged with George Lynch, and George Lynch is one badass guitarist who I´ve respected since the 9th grade. Also Harry Granroth from RAM, the greatest heavy metal band in Europe, was one of the listeners in the audience and he smiled. It was great to see these guys support us! You know you´re doin´ something right when even the heavyweight guys digs what they´re hearin.
For you who were there and wants to get back to that moment, and for you who missed that moment, here´s two short videos from the evening. The sound quality isn´t the best, but you who are new maybe gets it although. Thanks to Natalie Bennett who shared these two clips with us.
The first one is Bad Boy.

The second one is Shining Star.
Now we´re back i songwriting mode and planning some cool things for the future. A new gig is in the planning, you´ll get more info as soon as everything is set. In January the single is going to be recorded.I will make a new post some other day with some of the pictures from the concert. If you have any material to share from the gig, send it to soulspineinfo(a)gmail.com. If you´ve got anything we want to post, we will of course give you creds for your work.
Take care!